How to Activate Kaspersky 2010 using key file

How to activate Kaspersky 2010 or 2011( license using a key file ?

1. First open your Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 OR Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 and click on “License Manager” button located at the bottom of Kaspersky screen.

2. Now click on “Activate New License” button from the given options.

3. Click on “Activate Commercial License” button

Enter any of the below activation code

and click on “Next” button.
After clicking on “Next” button, you will see a error message “Activation code is not compatible with this application”.

Ignore the message and click on “OK” button.

4. Now you will see a new screen, where you can activate Kaspersky 2010 using key file, instead of activation code.

Now your Kaspersky Internet Security 2010,2011 Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010,2011 is activated using key file instead of activation code, but don’t forget to use a valid Kaspersky key file to activate kaspersky 2010.



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