Kaspersky PURE with keyfile-key

Kaspersky PURE

Ultimate Protection for Your Digital Life

Kaspersky PURE far exceeds regular PC protection. It renders your PC highly immune to cyber threats of any kind. You can trust Kaspersky PURE to protect the integrity and privacy of all your digital assets. Kaspersky PURE keeps your computer in pristine condition and gives you complete peace of mind.
Kaspersky PURE & Kaspersky CRYSTAL (Eng) - Update 14.05.2010
Kaspersky PURE & Kaspersky CRYSTAL (Eng)

The product consists of Kaspersky InternetSecurity, system backup and networking in the LAN.
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
System requirements:
Pentium, Ram 16MB, SVGA,800 x 600,
Language: ENG

  • Fights digital pollution
    Kaspersky PURE keeps malicious content and spam at bay, whilst letting you manage access to your applications, email and the Internet. Additional security tools erase any data-trail, so hackers can’t follow.

  • Protects digital assets
    Kaspersky PURE prevents your photos, music, documents, videos, etc. from becoming lost, stolen or corrupted. Advanced backup tools and the latest encryption technology mean that you decide who you share your personal data with.

  • Safeguards digital identities
    Kaspersky PURE has everything you need to protect your digital identity. With a built-in virtual keyboard, the latest in anti-phishing technology and a secure password management system, it won’t let you down!
    Ensures family-safe content Kaspersky PURE puts you in charge of who uses the PC’s on your home network and what they can see and do, both online and off. Detailed reporting systems keep you fully informed and your family safe.

  • Centralizes security management
    Kaspersky PURE allows you to check your network’s security status, automatically download and roll out updates from a nominated PC, log events and organize scans and backups from any point on the home network.

  • Provides all-round protection
    Kaspersky PURE is the one-stop-shop for home network protection. It contains everything that you need to manage your network’s security and to keep it malware-free, without the need to be an IT expert.


DOWNLOAD Kaspersky PURE KEY update-29-September-2013


Anonymous said...

key kaspersky pure please
cos i,m use trial key now
key in this web block by kaspersky

deepak said...

forget the blacklistng issues...
hii friendz
Try this method to reset ur kaspersky pure..
step 1. Right click KasperskyPURE tray icon -> Settings -> Self-Defence -> disable Self-Defence -> ok
Step 2. Right click KasperskyPURE tray icon -> Exit -> Yes
Step 3. XP Users:
Start -> Run -> regedit -> go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP9\environment
Vista/7 Users :
Start -> Run -> regedit -> go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP9\environment
Step 4. Right click PCID and select Modify
Step 5. Change the last 3 digits of the binary dat to 3 different digits.
Step 6. Exit Regedit and restart for changes to take affect.
Step 7. Double click Kaspersky PURE system tray icon -> License -> in License Manager activate trial key for 30 days
Step 8. Right click KasperskyPURE tray icon -> Settings -> Self-Defence -> enable Self-Defence -> ok
Now u r free frm tht bloody key blacklisting isuues..
heyy guyz..as usual i warn about the .exe cracks n trial resters...
by using them u r providing a way to hack ur system...
Download kaspersky application frm the original site itself..
here s the link "http://www.kaspersky.com/pure-trial-register"
dnt forget to say thnxx....

Anonymous said...

do you have any kaspersky pure activation key?

binit said...



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