Kaspersky Updater GUI 2.2

Kaspersky Updater is available for download

- download the archived GUI (the archive contains: KasperskyUpdater.exe and kasperskyupdater.loc);
- extract it into the updater utility folder (the one containing: Updater.exe and ss_storage.ini);
- download from the Technical support website the archive containing all necessary files together: KLUpdater.zip
(Remember: the folder with GUI should contain the file Updater.exe)

- user-friendly interface;
- easy and comfortable selection of all Kaspersky Lab applications supported with the release of new database updates;
- selection of an update source, as well as a target folder an temporary folder;
- configuration of proxy server properties and a connection time-out;
- configuration of service functions of update process tracing and generation of a dump file;
- inheritance of previously configured settings at subsequent utility start-ups;
- does not install itself into the system and leaves no "trash";
- multilanguage interface: English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Italian, etc.;
- automatic creation of a configuration file with default settings (ss_storage.ini) if there is no such file in the Kaspersky Updater folder;
- control of possible errors in settings a user might commit, displaying a corresponding message;
- possibility to pause the update download process without exiting the application;
- user can direct the log output to a file/display;
- update download log file (report.txt) write/rewrite function;
- application run scheduler: scheduling by minutes, hours, days, weekdays, including a possibility to pause a scheduled run after starting the application;
- checking for availability of new versions of Kaspersky Updater GUI and the Updater utility (manual and automatic);
- an option to add a system tray icon;
- an option to purge the Temp folder after a successful download of updates;
- automatic detection of operating system language at the first start-up of the GUI;
- selection of updates filtration by architecture of applications and operating systems, types of operating systems.




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