Paragon HandyShell v2.04.2 S60v5 Symbian OS 9.4 - S60v3 - Full Version SiS/SiSx App Download

Handy Shell for Nokia provides you with 4 additional Standby screens: Today, Applications,
Contacts and Images. 3D "Cube" design, screen animation and wallpaper support will completely
change your smartphone’s display look and advance its general usability. Handy Shell is fully integrated
with S60 smartphones’ interface and main applications (Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Profiles, Themes).

Application features:

* Today view completely replaces Active Standby and collects all important info on your smartphone’s main screen.

- Digital clock, date, alarms; - Application shortcuts; - Phone indicators (Bluetooth, missed calls, new messages, new emails, active profile, active theme); - Calendar events; - Weather plug-in with 5-day weather forecast for your home city for Handy Weather owners.
* Wallpaper support for better customization.
* Applications view with fast access to frequently used apps.
* Contacts view shows 12 favorite contacts with optional dial or create message action.
* Photos view for instant access to your image gallery.
* New! 3D "Cube" interface for fast navigation between screens.*
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Voyager Home Screen (vHome) v1.00 S60v5 Symbian OS 9.4 Signed Chinese {FINALLY OUT FOR S60v5} - Full Version SiS/SiSx App Download

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is a freeware that helps you customize your S60 v5 home screen with big clock, start menu, weather, news ticker, Google, fav contact, smart dialing, etc.

Key features:

Features like Google, weather, news, Operator logo, big clock are pretty straight forward, if you do not like a certain feature, just press C to disable it. Press left/right on to-do bar and news bar could switch item.

Quick task switch: we use the red end key to switch between running tasks, it's lot easier than pressing home key and then select, also you will never quit java apps like Opera Mini/Gmail by accidentally pressing Red key.

Smart dialing: just type one number for one letter, to find any contact fast. Like 2455 for Bill. You can use this for apps, too. Like 46245 for Gmail. You might find phone's menu a bit useless when you can get to anything from home screen with smart dialing.

Start menu: another way to organize your apps, you can locate an app using smart dialing, and place the app in start menu or home screen shortcut easily. And we support sub-folder in start menu.

MyFav: we scan your call logs automatically and place the people you call/text most frequently in MyFav feature, on the home screen's right selection key (of course you can change this with any app you want). Press left/right key in this, you can see your most used apps, too.

vApps: yeah, we include a mini App store, the seventh shortcut. Not too many apps for now (tell us what you want to see here), we want to gather the best free apps here, all fit your phone model (we test and organize them by screen resolution, MR/FP1/FP2 etc., so you don't have to). Just one click to download, auto install to E:, dead simple. (the list is updated automatically, so check in once in a while).

New app popup: after a new app is installed, you would see a popup asking if you would like to run it now. Save you time digging in to menu to find it.

Web directory: Click web browser, you'll see our directory page. All most popular mobile sites (hopefully). If you don't like it, just turn it off in Start-Settings-More

Keypad Lock: sorry the system's settings would not work, please setup again in vHome. Lock is easy: Start-Lock, much better than old way. Press end key twice to unlock.

Connection: by default, vHome update weather/news each hour, 9:00-23:00 (no update if you disable news and weather), change this in Start-Settings-Connection to suit your needs.

Changelog: 5th Edition Version Released.

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XpressLite RM-356 Nokia 5800 v70.0.005 Featuring 9 Home Screens Including Samsung Omnia i8910 HD Home Screen - Unofficial Custom Firmware (CFW)

As the name shows, this is the lite version of cfw… thats i have not put any useless applications,games or themes… what ever ever is required for a super fast cfw, that i have put… and please dont count the changelog or see the length, size of it too determine changes… “Flash it,Use it,Feel it” Tongue and guys please read the instructions to do after flashing which ill write below the change log… it is too important because of the new samsung hs homescreen integrated… thanks
Application Installation
1. Application policy mod, datz install 99.9% of unsigned app wid he need of rom patch
2. Install sever patch in patches to install 0.1% of apps which cant b installed by default
3. widget wont show up security popup on start
4. java security access is default for security, datz to prevent java app to send sms or use net wid out permission.
5. Send Sis Sisx Jar file in default file manager
5. Bt name set as XpressLite
6. ringtone set to nokia remix
7. sms tone set to “excuse me boss u have a new text message”
8. modded menu with games and hack folder, wid auto arrangement after flashing.
9. Spinslide theme effect [i feel it is one of the stable and fastest theme effect] dont forget to activate and enjoy !!!
10. Symbian^3 theme set as default as it is light weight theme for super menu access and decent look.
11. Menu circle set to s60 sign
12. Brightness set o 100% default
13. Startup image set to my 7 cfw image…
14. animation is s60 boot
15. shutdown animation is blank file for fast shutdown.
16. Default font
17. Camera quality set to highest
18. Disable camera sound by seting it on sound 4
Folders Created Automatically:
19. patches
20. music
21. cache moved to memory card
22. Bookmarks editied
Voice Recording:
23. Highest MP4 quality set.
24. Length set to 12 hrs
Music Player Settings:
25. Music Player read music only from E:Music folder
26. Scans faster
9 Homescreens Added:
27. Samsung widget hs [read instructions below to optimise it and make it work good] set phone lang as english to njoy… later other lang will be updated very soon
28. orange tsunami [N97 style]
29. orange tornado
30. vodafone transparent
31. omnia basic
32. Full Page
33. navigation bar
34. Finger Use
35. Contacts Bar
system performance mod
35. Heap size increased
36. Application close delay time reduced
37. Rotation lightining fast
38. Caching has been moved to c: for speed [performance is far better than placing it in memory card] unnecessary startup process disabled
39. Tapping control added [tapp to off alarm]
40. Shake phone to silence calls
41. FOTA space of 5 MB is deleted from phone memory
42. Call volume in internal speaker and loudspeaker is set to high by default
43. Kinetic scrolling is optimised all over
44. Ram optimised
45. Camera process is killed after closing it
46. Default sent sms is set to 999
47. Message to nokia on startup after flashing is disabled
48. Conversation application integrated to messaging
Apps Integrated
49. Rompatcher wid auto installserver and open4all patch enabled
50. kill me app
You may delete quick office by going to application manager in settings… to free up 8 mb phone memory space..
languages contain: English r1 , Portuguese , french, euskara, catalan, Galician, dutch, espanol to use samsung widget homescreen then set u r phones language as english and activate it… u may set writing language as u r own language and enjoy this firmware…
datz it… u may feel it is same as my previous cfw… mods r same but the mod files r tweeked for super fast performance… and please dont count the change log , just flash it and see the speed…
Instruction to optimise samsung widget homescreen:
1) delete sys, system, resources, private folder in memory card before flashing.
2) just after flashing display will be blank for 15 sec then phone will boot up.
3) once the phone starts you will see the samsung widget homescreen !!
4)now open menu -> hack folder and open kill me application
then press on “akncapserver” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “homescreen” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “sysap” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “telephone” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “aknnfysrv” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “peninputserver” and pres option- move to protected
then press on “killme” and pres option- move to protected
now press option terminate all.
5) now u can use samsung omnia hs smoothly… when ever u feel memory is low then just open kill me application ad press terminate all thats it !!!
tip 1: when u r samsung hs or vodafone homescreen by any chance goes blank then just go to settings homescreen themes and change to some ither homescreen and then back to samsung or vodafone hs to get it back !!!
tip 2: to have u r animated wallaper or live wallpaper just take a back up “gadget.swf” file present in u r memory card[it will automatically come afte flashing] …. then download u r swf live wallpaper and paste it in memory card that is e: drive in the root folder itself !!! and change the homescreen to something else like basic or navigation and then shift back to samsung widget homescreen to have live wallpaper.
tip 3 : use ramblow application to free up more ram
tip 4: any problem feel fre to comment i will reply as soon as possible…
tip 5 :if at any time on samsung widge hs shows memory error… then do this
- goto settings- homescreen theme and set any other homescreen like omnia basic
- then open kill me and press terminate all
- then open settings – homescreen themes and set samsung widget hs again and now it will show up

Click below to grab the Modified Firmware for your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

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IP CHAT v4.0 - Symbian OS 9.x S60v3 S60v5 - Full Version App Download

Support/Info: S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

* No login required
* Smiley support
* Very light on handsets
* Chat with users from all over the world!

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SMS Lock Symbian OS 9.x S60v3 - Mobile Phone Full Version App Download

SMS Lock Symbian S60v3 mobile phone application.Sms Lock is the best application for protection of your sms. Lock your SMS with password to prevent others from seeing them. Works with SMS, Animated SMS and Avatar SMS in Inbox, Sent and Drafts Items.

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